5. Privacy – my most precious possession

How capable are you, as an individual or within a group, to control the flow of your personal data and therefore to disclose personal information at your will?

5.1 Undercover in the online world

Privacy is a person's right to keep personal matters and relationships secret. But even when you don't publish your private information online, it is still possible that your personal details and preferences are known by others.

5.2 A right to be forgotten – deleting a digital footprint

What if you could create digital expiry dates, so that information would be automatically deleted at a time you had chosen years back? What sort of content would you want to keep forever?

5.3 Show yourself but not too much!

The internet is a great channel to flirt and experiment, especially when you are rather shy in real life. The barriers to approach someone are lower and gradually your confidence to approach someone in real life can grow. But how far will you go?

5.4 My privacy and yours

The protection of your privacy doesn't only depend on you, it also depends on others. Privacy is a right, but it is also a responsibility. It is important to keep in mind that any action you take online can have consequences for others. Even when you protect your profile, personal information can still be spread online.