6. The artist in you

Are you aware that the term "copyright" does not mean "the right to copy"? Besides protecting the owner's work, copyright signifies appreciation of the importance of creative ideas and expression in a range of media (music, performing arts, literature and the visual arts).

6.1 What is copyright?

It's not always easy to understand when something is protected by copyright and how copyright-protected items can be used in a legal way. 47% of users cannot confidently identify whether the online content they download, stream or share is legal or not (Ofcom 2012). Why don't you test your knowledge…

6.2 Are you a pirate?

The internet is free for you to use, but the content providers also have their rights and can step in when you violate the law. Do you pay attention to copyright law? Have you ever copyrighted your own work? Where can you find further information?