Lesson plans

Just as The Web We Want was developed by young people for young people, the lessons in the Web We Want handbook for educators have been designed by teachers for teachers across Europe and beyond. The lesson plans propose ideas and activities to encourage young people to develop the creative and critical thinking skills essential for a fulfilled life in the world of tomorrow. 

This handbook helps teachers integrate issues related to the online activities of young people into their teaching through interactive lesson plans and worksheets that link to national competency frameworks. The topics and objectives of each activity are presented in a comprehensive index for ease of use.

By using the materials, students:

  • Develop their understanding of challenges and opportunities raised by the Internet, and
  • Acquire skills needed for their future careers and life. 


My rights and responsabilities online Warming up
Basic WWW rights
Rights versus responsabilities
Two sides of the same coin 1
Two sides of the same coin 2
"Information is not knowledge"- Albert Einstein Access, create and share wisely
Analysing pictures
Participating on the Web Let's go shopping
Learning maths
Shape your identity My (real) identity
Do we have multiple identites ?
Privacy, my most precious possession You cannot say eveything to everyone
I'm watching you!
The artist in you Protecting what is ours
RAP it up!
Artist in you!


All the lesson plans align with the European e-Competence Framewok, a guide which helps identify and describe ICT-related competences according to the European Qualification Framework approach and outlines the methodological choices behind1 it. Contact us with your own lesson plan suggestions and resources at infowww@eun.org.

Contact us with your own lesson plan suggestions and resources at infowww@eun.org


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