4. Shape your identity

The more we interact in the digital environment, the bigger our digital footprint! Learn more about online ethics, and how to protect your online reputation. What you post online is entirely up to you, but are you projecting a positive or negative image?

4.1 Present yourself to the world

Just as in the offline world, you develop an online identity when you are active on the web. The information others find there can represent you in the wrong way, especially when taken out of context.

4.2 Present yourself to the world

Your identity is not a fixed state; not only can it change over time, but one person can also man- age multiple identities depending on the context they find themselves in. Discover yourself! What different identities might you adopt in different situations?

4.3 The truth, and nothing but the truth?

When constructing our online identities, the question often arises as to whether we always need to provide accurate information about who we are. Where do we draw the line between conscious shaping of our identities and "Identity Deception"?